“Transhallucinogenetic” is an exhibition that presents a body of work by artists offering an insight into the core manifestations of mental disorders. It seeks to dispel the enigma present in society about mental diseases in general and reflecting a cross-section of depressive and manic states. The works chosen for exhibit were done so with great sensitivity, allowing the artist to express emotions openly and therefore presenting an important exploration of this little understood condition. Over thirty works, including writing, pictograms, sculpture, painting, installation, video art and net art were on display. My participation involved three projects: one co-authored by Frank Plant, “Passage”, another co-authored by Miriam Lloréns,Desaparecen primero las palabras”  and the third co-authored by Joseph Bofill, “Procesos”. Other artists present were Alexander Mittelmann and Zush to name but a few.
Held in collaboration between Coldcreation and the city of Pamplona, “Transhallucinogenetic” was presented from the 3rd to the 19th November, inside the Sala Del Polvorin, located at the historic site of the Cuidadela De Pamplona.

 Cuidadela de Pamplona- Sala del Polvorín, “Transhallucinogenetic” - 03 to 19/11/2005
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