Inmersión sonora

Inmersión sonora is an experiment that illustrates the field theory, by way of transmitting sounds to 50 FM radios. The installation simulates a sound field, a term used scientifically in reference to the distortion that undergoes a region of space due to the sound. The field concept is very frequent in modern science, being the intermediary of the remote action between an agent and a receiver, in such a way that the sound field is intertwined with the public’s presence. That is to say, the tuning or the volume intensity of the transmission is directly dependent on the viewer’s position. Inmersión sonora also counted on the direct transmission from Radio Contrabanda (91.4 FM) of a poem about the magnetic field by Luis Lopez and was accompanied live on the 21th of April 2005 by the flutist Barbara Held in Coldcreation Gallery.

A collaborative piece by Luis López, Barbara Held, Maria Paz Garcia, , Elena Fernández y Pedro Barbosa
 Coldcreation Gallery, “Entropy, Chaos, Order and Emergence", 04/2005
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 • Size: N/A - Media: FM radios, radio transmitter, Max/Msp patch - 2005
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