A large scale translucent photograph of a face hides a sophisticated counter of 30 alphanumeric displays. The displays blink on and off according to a rhythmic (at times random) musical composition that represents our thought process at its analytical and generative level. Our minds are incessantly absorbing, processing and generating layers of information and ideas at different times and speeds -sometimes in parallel, others in disaccord. "Procesos" is a suggestion of our ability as humans to think, to parallel process information. As such, the piece becomes a metaphor for neuron activity, for our capacity to turn complexity into meaning.

Work created by and Josep Bofill
Special Thanks to M. Lloréns and I. Ospina
 General view of "Procesos" and the custom made frame.
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 • Size: 160x80x15 - Media: Steel, duratrans, alphanumeric displays, microcontroller - 2005
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