Passage is a reflection on public spaces that we are forced to share with complete strangers, in this case the metro of Barcelona. On a daily basis, we are confronted by the vacant stares of unfamiliar people. Passage deals with the mental landscape of what goes on behind the blank stares of the anonymous individuals we find ourselves sharing our intimate space with. Fears, boredom, manias and a spectrum of other emotions that are normally concealed behind the empty expressions of our co-passengers are presented here.

Work created by Frank Plant and
Video Make-up by Matias Cluet
Special Thanks to A. González, R. Scorbiac, X. Cantó

 Coldcreation Gallery, "Transhallucinogenetic", 02/2005
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 • Size: 225x65x150 - Media: Steel, duratrans, LCD screen, video media player - 2005
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