which affirm their conquest of modernity through their domination of the technological paradigm. By means of this project we intend to raise a socio-cultural debate on what is real and what it is simulated, what is human intelligence and what is artificial intelligence. The creation of automatons for this project echoes the history of the development of the machine in its more ingenious aspects. The automatons have been present in the three essential phases of the history of technology: the mechanics, the machine, and the electronics. The automaton is the result of the most positivist thought and true hope on technology, it is the ultimate challenge between the divine and the human. The Machine Manifesto concedes, explores and plays with both. For more information, you are welcome to read a spanish explanation of the project.

Work created in collaboration with Felix Luque
LiveFeed Video and Animation by Iñigo Bilbao Lopategui
Video Documentation by Fabrice Amzel
Video Documentation Assistant: Ricardo Gadea
Photo Documentation by Lisbeth Salas
Sound Engineering by José Lozano

 Metrònom. Concerts-Phonos.10.03.04 & 13.03.04
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 • Size: N/A - Media: Quadraphony System, Video Camera, Midi Interface, Pic Microcontrollers, Video Wall, DVD players, Video Projectors, - 2004
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