F2T (“Free to Talk?”)

F2T is an interactive musical installation about “argot” and its different contemporary applications. What is argot? It is at the same time nation and language. It’s a coalition between people and speech. A hundred and fifty years ago, when Victor Hugo introduced in “Les Miserables”, a character using slang, there was a lot of commotion amongst the readers. “-What? How? Argot? Argot is horrible, it is despicable! Argot is the language of the thieves, of the worst kind of human beings!” It’s true, there is no doubt about it, but when you have to examine a wound, a society, since when is it a prejudice to scrutinize, to get to the bottom of an investigation? The thinker who refuses to ignore the argot is like the surgeon who ignores an ulcer or a wart. It’s like the philologist that questions the need to examine a particular language phenomenon, or a philosopher who doubts to scrutinize a society. For the people who still ignore its meaning, argot is a conjunction between a literary phenomenon and its social consequence. SMS language (Short Message Service), would have surprised Victor Hugo : “will spk 2 u l8r ” (“I will speak to you later.”) or “wan2tlk” ("Want to talk?"). About eight and a half million messages like these run daily through Spanish mobile phones...

 CCCB (Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona), "Los Miedos", BAC IV - 12/2003
Traduciò Catalana Traducción Español More...
 • Size: N/A - Media: Steel, Duratrans, GSM module, Motors, Microcontroller, Serial Printer - 2003
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