Light Activated Faces

A torch flashed at a square panel standing vertically on the floor, produces the sound of human onomatopoeias which vary depending on the area onto which the light is projected. Nine different grimaces are depicted on this photographic panel. Each facial expression becomes visible by means of a light box mechanism, whenever the flashlight points at it. A corresponding onomatopoeia is then produced by a sound sampler. The effect is a large human chorus conducted by the action of a flashlight.

Work created in collaboration with Frank Plant
Sound Design by Denis Menard
Voice by Richard Felix
 Coldcreation Gallery, "Intimate Moments with Tom and Frank", Summer 2003
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 • Size: 125x40x125 - Media: Duratrans, incandescent bulbs , amplified speakers, digital sampler module, microcontroller, LDR sensors, 12V relays - 2003/2004
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