Light Activated Ears

A torch flashed at a square panel standing vertically on the floor, produces drum rhythms which vary depending on the area onto which the light is projected. Nine different close-up of ears are depicted on this photographic panel. Each ear becomes visible by means of a light box mechanism, whenever the flashlight points at it. A corresponding percussion arrangement is then produced by a digital drum module. The effect is a bigger than life size drumset into which the drum sticks are replaced by a torch light.

Work created in collaboration with Frank Plant
Sound Design by Denis Menard
 Coldcreation Gallery, "Intimate Moments with Tom and Frank", Summer 2003
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 • Size: 125x40x125 - Media: Duratrans, incandescent bulbs , amplified speakers, digital drum module, microcontroller, LDR sensors, 12V relays - 2003/2004
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