Tintin and "Els Mar de l'Orient"

In the spring of 2003, I was subcontracted in Barcelona to conceive a large scale interactive installation for the Maritime Museum. Celebrating the 75th anniversary of Tintin, the Museum inaugurated a new space of 800m2, in which the visitor was submerged by the universe of Hergé. The exhibition "Llamp de rellamp! Tintin i el mar de llegenda" recreated the fascinating world of the famous comic strip by the use of five fictitious scenarios. The scene I worked on was "El mars Del Orient". The scenario was composed of a dark tunnel with several screens built on its sides. The viewer used a flashlight to go inside the tunnel and by means of light sensors, activated the screens by pointing the flashlight at them. When a screen got triggered, an image with sound appeared, making the scenario fun and mysterious.

Work created in collaboration with CROQUIS
Sound Design by Denis Menard
Electonic research by Mustapha Boughrousi
Lab research by Felix Luque

Voice effect by Richard Felix
 Museo Marítimo, "Llamp de rellamp! Tintin i el mar de llegenda", 06/2003-02/2004
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 • Size:N/A - Media:Pine wood structure, plexiglass, Mp3 players, LDR sensors, fluorescent tubes, BS2 microcontrollers, powered speakers. - 2003
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