Interactive Switchboard

This interactive switchboard shares its shape and components with the traditional switchboard, yet it is not activated by people making ordinary telephone calls, but by Internet users typing out their messages on a computer keyboard. The machine uses virtual reality to act on physical reality and is only effective in my current apartment: 5, Placeta de Montcada. This is so because my living space is at the core of this particular experiment - an experiment which allows net users to participate in it at both levels, virtual and real. That is, anyone may step into my apartment reproduced on a web page and, at the same time, make his/her presence felt in the physical flat by animating certain objects in the place. A printed stainless steel ground-plan of the apartment is mounted on the vertical panel of the switchboard installed in the flat. This plan is reproduced in the web page more elaborately: it contains a longitudinal section and a ground-plan. These two plans include some 450 photographs of every piece of furniture and every single object in the apartment. The navigator or, in this case, the intruder uses a virtual man in order to walk around the virtual apartment, but as we stated earlier, in doing so he/she will physically make his/her presence felt at the other end. He/She may do this in a number of ways...

 MONTCADA5 Asoc. Artistico-Cultural: "Chryptotechnology" . April 2002. LAUNCH THE PROJECT
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 • Size: N/A - Media: web page, web server, microcontrollers, plexiglass, pine wood, stainless steel, LEDs, reel to reel player, amperemeter - 2002
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