Electronic Organ

A small aluminum suitcase containing two layers of magnetic valves (solenoids) mounted on a metal plate. One layer contains 11 solenoids which will reproduce the sound of whole musical notes - equivalent to the white keys of an organ - and the other contains 5 solenoids representing sharp or flat notes - equivalent to the black keys. Connected to the suitcase there is a metal shower hose. By blowing into the hose the solenoids are activated reproducing the Jewish folk song "Hava Nagila". The sound is produced by the pistons moving up and down in the coils of the solenoids.

Work created in collaboration with Mohammad Mobaseri
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 • Size: 33x46x15 - Media: silver anodized aluminium, solenoids, recorder, stainless steel breed, 5V logic relays, microcontroller - 2002
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