Musical Switchboard

A fire alarm switchboard is activated by a foot pedal connected to an electronic device hidden in a wooden suitcase. The switchboard contains seven relays with their corresponding luminous signals. By pressing the pedal the relays are activated, producing sounds which mark a particular rhythm. This rhythm is accompanied by the luminous signals turning on and off. When the pedal is released and pressed again another rhythm is launched. Some of these rhythms are completed with the intermittent sound of the original fire alarm at the back of the switchboard. There are eight different sounds and fifteen different rhythms with sequences of sixteen beats for each rhythm.

Music by Zé Nando Pimenta & Denis Menard
 "Dialectica Entre Mundos", Sala De Exposiciones UPF, BCN. 04/2002. VIDEO OF THE SHOW
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 • Size: 62x18x90 - Media: brushed steel, wood, electro-mechanical relays, microcontroller, logic relays, foot pedal - 2002
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