Pitch Tracking and Sample Playback:
The system's software continously streams in audio coming from the violinist's microphone. The audio signal is analyzed to detect note onsets and pitch (MSP "fiddle~" object, Miller Puckette, 1999). When the sample playback is enabled (fifth finger's FSR), the sofware cues the currently selected sample at each note onset, transposing it as necessary and looping it to sustain until the current note ends (MSP "groove~" object). By repeatedly triggering her fifth finger, the violinist can choose among the available samples or choose to have no sample accompaniment at all. The samples used are all recordings of Maja Cerar, made at the Columbia University Computer Music Center. It would be quite possible to utilize samples of other sounds, and we plan to explore this in the future.

 Columbia University Thesis Show, Brooklyn. 05/2000
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 • Size: N/A - Media: silver anodized aluminium suitcases, microphones, Max/Msp patch, violin performance - 2000
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