An Interactive Installation Performance

In the spring of 2000, artist Thomas Charveriat, violinist Maja Cerar, and composer Douglas Geers collaborated on an interactive installation work for violinist with computerized music and sculpture.
In this piece, the violinist stands amid an array of mechanized sculptures, using electronic sensors to control the activities of the sculptures as well as the computer music performance.
Each sculpture in the piece contains its own unique system of computer chips and software, determining its behavior and able to receive instructions from an outside computer. Meanwhile, the violinist plays into a microphone, operates a footswitch, and wears a specially built glove on her right hand that is laden with electronic sensors. As the violinist plays her instrument, she operates the foot pedal while her glove's sensors track her hand movements to capture performance data. Commands from the footpedal control the sculptures, and the microphone signal and the glove's data are continously sent to a central computer. The central computer analyzes her performance, alters the violin's sounds, and performs other musical figures to accompany the violin.

 Columbia University Thesis Show, Brooklyn. 05/2000
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 • Size: N/A - Media: silver anodized aluminium suitcases, microphones, Max/Msp patch, violin performance - 2000
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