modify their function without altering their physical appearance. Another important point I had to consider, was the fact that any obvious modification would be immediately detected by the user, in which case it would be endlessly returned to the retailer. Also, for the project to work, the product had to be part of the user's life for a long period of time. Only in this way could I make sure the user would adapt him-/herself to the altered object, having accepted its new functions or not. With the use of cutting edge technology, such as cellemetry, a powerful tracking device, voice recognition, sensor based automation, micro-controller computers, ISD chips which store and playback sound, surveillance equipment, and more, I created an interactive relationship between the product and its user. For instance, I bugged an electronic alarm clock which advanced some 5 or 6 seconds. The buyer was gaining a few seconds every day without even knowing it. I planned to use these same technologies, as well as the Internet, to document, capture, and display the effect of the altered device on the buyer's life. As much as the project results in manipulating other people's lives, its main purpose was to question consumerism. By offering a product with a modified function, I was challenging the buyer to think about the purchase, and to decide whether it responded to a real need or to a mere caprice. I was also giving the user the option of making use of its new function,

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