Life expectancy

As we get older we tend to feel that time passes more and more quickly. The purpose of this device is to illustrate this sensation by reproducing the segments of a standard life span. An aluminum suitcase houses a metal panel with neon numbers which recall those of an electric alarm-clock set at 9:30. A micro-controller placed inside the suitcase makes the numbers flash continually in a series of accelerating intervals. Every blink represents a day. Bearing in mind that a month in the life of a two year old child constitutes a large part of his/her life, and that one month in the life of a seventy-five year old person represents a very small portion of his/her life, the blinking is progressively accelerated until the numbers seem to be permanently lit. Near the end of the sequence, the speed of the blinking is such that the lights fade completely from view. After this, the next sequence begins, with slight variations in relation to the first, corresponding to a different life span.

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 • Size: 74x50x25 - Media: silver anodized aluminium, sandblasted plexiglass, 30A shorepower cord, neon lights, microcontroller. - 2000
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