Unconscious blue and Unconscious red

Our society seems to want to separate the conscious from the unconscious, giving infinitely more value to the conscious. Yet, we all know that these two states often overlap. Our conscious self may make itself present in a dream and our unconscious self may invade our conscious life. To illustrate this point, this project involves two suitcases with neon lights placed inside them reading "UNCONSCIOUS". In one suitcase, the red prefix "UN" flashes in a regular fashion representing the clear-cut separation of unconsciousness during sleep and consciousness during wakefulness. In the other suitcase the blue prefix "UN" flashes at random, following no particular pattern.

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 • Size: 66x46x23 - Media: silver anodized aluminium, 30A shorepower cord, neon lights, foam, rythmic blinker - 1998
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