The Sink

It seems that very early in life the brain achieves a degree of organization that makes it capable of generating elaborate motor behavior. We know, from research on the development of binocular vision, that the visual system of the cortex is shaped by the images an infant views in his first year of life. REM sleep contributes to the development and maintenance of our sensorimotor competence by making visual system neurons ready to respond to formed images. It is as if the newborn's nervous system has two similar activation modes -waking and REM sleep- and the two modes reinforce each other's efforts to develop the visual system's function.
The Sink Project illustrates the discovery that most of our motor tasks are established while we dream. A film representation of a dream is projected into a sink filled with milk. The milk symbolizes the early age of childhood. The idea of a relationship is represented by the dependency of the video projection of a dream and the material used to receive the projection: milk. Both elements are independent of each other, since no projected image would be visible if the color of the liquid chosen was different than white. In the same manner, the liquid would not be visible if there was no light source illuminating it.

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 • Size: 60x60x200 - Media: chromed steel, 1.6" LCD color module, fiber optic cable, fiber optic illuminator, SVHS VCR, water pump - 1998
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